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Yes. All the activism cuteness.
Love your self first so you have love to share with others!
Because nipples….
I am comfortable and proud of my body. I haven’t always been an some days still battle with dismorphia but I’ve learned what the little things are that make me love and enjoy wearing this skin…

MisteR Winter 2013: Androgynous Fashion WIN

Props for the #lesbian ball tonight.. its #Burlesque #bumpngrind (Taken with Instagram)
Shave for a cure!
No labels in an Absolut world by miss-phloss featuring a white shirt

My g/f and I…  <3

What&#8217;s in my wallet?
Me being all pose-y for my blog..  I&#8217;m one of the femme-est lesbians you&#8217;ll ever meet! LOL :)
Writing up a Blog-storm in a Teacup!

The Power Of P I N K